UB Staff

In both the academic year and summer program, the staff plays a tremendous role in holding the program together and making sure everything runs smoothly. The staff includes the director, the assistant director, the advisors, and the Head Resident Advisor(s). Because the staff has so much to do, some students do not get to know everyone that works behind the scenes. As a way to help the students to get familiar with the staff, the students of the e-zine task team conducted interviews to learn more about them. 


Maria Moreno, Director

Cesar Alverez, Assistant Director

Peggy Devol, Office Manager

Pauli Watts, Program Analyst

Chue Yang, Data Administrator

Ger Thao, Office Assistant

Terri L. Brown, Advisor

Zach Barrett, Advisor

Carmelo Miranda, Advisor

Patricia Hunsicker, Career Exploration Assistant

Humberto Ramos, Head Resident Advisor (Male)

Jasmine Ramos, Head Resident Advisor (Female)