About Me


Hi, my name is David. Somethings that I like to for fun is play sports. I play almost any sport, but my favorite sport is soccer. I've played soccer since I was a child and it's the sport that I enjoy the most. I was in my high school soccer team last year and I plan on joining the team next year. I enjoy reading in my free time or whenever I get the chance. I have read many books and many different authors but my favorite author is Carlos Cuautemoc Sanchez. He's an author who has written many best selling self-improvement books, He writes about many interesting topics and even though some of his topics do not pertain to you every single one, his book are still pretty amazing. The reason I joined Upward Bound was because I have friends who told me to come to Upward Bound and told me that it would be an awesome experience. I am very glad to have had the opportunity to join Upward Bound. I never expected Upward Bound to be everything that they made it out to be. It has been an amazing experience at Upward Bound. It has always been my dream to study medicine and my plan is to go to a University. The experience I'm getting at Upward Bound is great because I'm getting a little taste of how college is going to be. I joined in the E-ZINE Task Team because I like working with computers. I am a certified computer technician for PC's hardware maintenance, but I also want to learn more on software.


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