About Me

Hey! Hi! My name is Ko Xue, but Upward Bound calls me Ko. Something about me is that if you knew me I will be nice to you and show you all the respect I can toward you. What I like to do or what's my hobby is I like to play guitar and sing. I don't like to play video game or play sports. What I'm going to do after I graduate from high school is move down to Merced go to college there. When I'm there I would be going to community college then after finish with community college I will transfer to UC Merced and finish there with my education life there. Before I came to UB I went to stay at my brother-in-law place in Merced and help him with his farm. I very enjoy down there that's why I want to live down there when I'm finish with high school. Then when I'm finish with school I would want to work on my life and never going to let my kids have a life like mine. What I do in my free time is I talk to people. New one old one at least I'm not sitting bored and nothing to do. My other thing that I do when I have free time is I like to play my guitar and create songs. I do join club at my school but I go to meeting when I'm available. The club that i join were Interact club and Hmongscholarship club.

The reason why i decided to join UB is because I heard many things that UB can do and how they could help me. The other reason why I join UB is that UB can help me plan for college and help me on my class that I am going to be taking this coming up school year. At first I never wanted to join or go to UB but now everything is going fine. When I came here my first week I though that maybe I might not be able to last for six week here but now I think again and maybe I would be able to. Everyone question do I get home sick, I do get home sick but not that much to the point where I really want to go home and think that this is not a place for me at all. Another reason why I join UB is also because I want to meet new people, now I have met many new people that I have never met before. At first I told my sister, maybe I'm not going to enjoy UB, maybe its just going to be a bored place, or a place where I will be trap again, but now I'm in UB it's going good. I rather be in UB then stuck at home and all I can do is call my friend and tell them to come and talk with me. UB is a fun place to be the only thing that is not so great is how you get your home work and how you able to do your home work. When I first came to UB I came and check in but my name wasn't there. I check and check but its still not there and after that I then knew that I was put in the girls dorms and I was supposed to be over there. After a couple minute they found out and I then get my name move to the guys dorms. I'm happy I joined.

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