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Interview with an Advisor

Our best reporters interviewed Pa Vue, one of the program advisors of the Upward Bound summer program, to see what a program advisor does and how they influence the students and their journey into the adult world.

Pa got involved with Upward Bound because of her two brothers who are Upward Bound alumni. She said,"I just really liked the things that they did. So after I graduated from Chico State I knew from the start I wanted to work for Upward Bound."

What is a program advisor exactly? "Zach and I share the original Upward Bound program and we help students get into the college of their dreams." Pa serves as an advisor to many of the Upward Bound students and her job is to assist the students in not only graduating high school but to also get into a college that meets their potential.

"The most rewarding moment would have to be when a student realizes that they have more potential than they thought."


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